Latvia Turning 94 - but Going Strong

I guess if there is one thing that Latvia can’t complain about, it is having a boring history. At our relatively young age, we have been through everything – great victories and crushing defeats, unmatched happiness and suffocating sorrow, highs and lows.

There was also a time when there was no country of Latvia to speak of, and yet here we are. We value our time together with Latvia and hope for it to never end, or, as we, Latvians, say – to enjoy the lifetime of the Sun.

But let’s not dwell on the past! This is a birthday celebration, after all! It is customary to give gifts and send the warmest greetings to the birthday child.

We hope that your thoughts, too, will be with Latvia this Sunday. And, if there ever has been a perfect give, it is love. As simple as that – love Latvia! It is the best driving force for our country to thrive and evolve. We are 94, but we are going strong!

No matter where you are, we hope that you'll be able to hear and honour the Latvian anthem on November 18! Happy Independence Day!

Karina Pētersone Director, Latvian Institute, 16.11.2012