Proud to be European

Welcome to the video series “Proud to be European.” This series features ten-minute video interviews with prominent Latvians who have achieved renown in Europe and represent a wide range of professional spheres, from politics to music to sports. Each of the interviewees explores themes related to Latvia’s role in the European Union - what Latvia has learned since joining the European Union, what Europe can learn from Latvia, and what Latvia contributes to the great diversity of the EU. Enjoy!

Tradition of Nationwide Latvian Song and Dance festival

A video clip about the tradition Nationwide Latvian Song and Dance festival. The goal of this video clip is to inform and raise interest of people about how grand, unique and important to the cultural heritage it is, not only in Latvia, but in the world.

Video is available in DVD

Elīna Garanča

Elīna Garanča was born in a musical family in Rīga. She is a mezzo-soprano whose venues already include Metropolitan Opera in New York, Royal Opera House in Covent Garden and the Vienna State Opera. During the video, she explains how being Latvian is beneficial for an opera singer and how being European manifests itself when traveling abroad.

Raimonds Bricis

Raimonds Bricis is a Latvian brand consultant who currently resides in Brussels, Belgium. He has worked on advertising and branding campaigns for various companies both in Latvia and elsewhere in Europe. In this interview, Bricis speaks about nation branding in Europe, Latvian creativity, and building Latvia´s own unique brand.

Vaira Vīķe - Freiberga

Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga was president of Latvia from 1999 to 2007. She was born in Rīga but grew up in exile after her parents fled to the West during World War II, eventually settling in Canada. In this video, Freiberga speaks about the process of Latvia’s accession to the EU, which she oversaw as president, what joining the EU has given to Latvia, and Latvia’s contribution to the cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe.